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For Home

Why do we call it a home and not a house, an apartment, or an address ? Because, it is a reflection of us, the entities who give it a distinct personality. Almost like breathing in life so that it attains a character that resonates with the occupant.

On that thought, we introduce For HOME, a brand that collates under its canopy, a string of memories that reflect the journey of those with whom the home has evolved.

Who we are

For Home is channelled to invite creativity, character and flair to our patrons’ homes in this age of contemporary conveyor belt clutter albeit by balancing necessity and a modern mood board.

With immense experience in manufacturing metal home décor creations, our products grace abode on foreign shores and now, it is time to take another fruitful leap and turn to the domestic market with For Home.

Precision, details and intricacy being our forte, there is also a keen eye on the taste and requirements of our clients who have trusted our make for years.

What makes us

India has been blessed with a long and rich history of metal craft. Heard about the Thatheras of Jandiala Guru in Punjab who UNESCO identifies as veritable craftspeople to note and cherish? It is the clang and bang of those karigars that has sustained this age-old craft of brass and copper utensil making that is now in the purview of connoisseurs who understand the art in this craft as well as the benefits of the age-old science behind the workmanship.

The beauty has transcended from mundane cauldrons to chic homes and tableware that become the cynosure of attention. A fascinating blend of old techniques and new-age design is what FOR HOME shall breathe.

Brand Ideology

The launch comes at a time when the sector is witnessing a resurgence owing to the awareness about the durability, versatility and recyclability of sturdy raw materials that have their health benefits as well.

 Malleable, non-corrosive and good conductors of heat, metal ware are top draws in kitchens as well as other niches in homes. The shine, shimmer and antique finish make them ever so attractive, too. Hence, the switch to traditions that are rooted in the age-old Indian craftsmanship and holistic goodness.

One Vriksh

The ‘One Vriksh’ program supports needy farmers all over India via agroforestry through the social enterprise, Grow Trees. Also, we make conscious, consistent efforts to use sustainable (minimal plastic) packaging to reduce environmental pollution.

As you continue to support us in dressing up your abode, we shall wholeheartedly strive to convert your house into a beautiful home.

Brand Pillars

In a bid to bridge the divide between what is overtly traditional and what is modern chic today,
 FOR HOME mood boards strive to create new finishes even as we diversify with the unique looks of our collections.
 The intrinsic idea is to maintain form and function while making the product eclectic.